Solar Powered LED Garden Lights Street Outdoor Light ZK7105

Solar Powered LED Garden Lights Street Outdoor Light ZK7105

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Product Details

1.Product Introduction 

This kind of Solar Powered LED Garden Lights Street Outdoor Light ZK7105 uses a constant voltage constant current drive circuit, and has a special heat dissipation process for stable performance and long service life of up to ten years. It is mainly composed of solar battery components, battery packs, intelligent controllers, energy-efficient light sources and the like. The solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts solar radiation energy into electrical energy directly or indirectly through photoelectric effect or photochemical effect, and stores it in the battery. In addition, the LED solar light uses lead-acid maintenance-free or gel battery, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, small self-discharge, low maintenance, long life, convenient use, environmental protection as well as durability. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, it is more cost-effective. It is widely applied in gardens, parking lots, schools, streets, industry areas and other places. 

2.Product Parameter 

Model Number:


Solar Panel

Polycrystaline silicon 12V 16W


1 pc COB LED ( 15W )


Li-ion battery 11.1V 8Ah



Running time


Charging time



Automatically turn on at night and off in the daytime

IP grade



Die-casing aluminum +tempered glass

Product size


Net weight

Street light 2.3Kg/Solar panel 1.3Kg

3.Product Feature 

1. Powered by solar energy to save the electricity fee;

2. Easy installation, without the trouble of setting lines;

3. Automatically light up at night and turn off in the daytime.


4.Product Details of ZK7105

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