Solar Emergency Lights UK Lantern Lite Price KB7003A

Solar Emergency Lights UK Lantern Lite Price KB7003A

The solar lantern is suitable for home, school, shops, factories, etc.

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Product Details

1. Product Introduction 

This kind of solar lantern is mainly composed of solar cell modules, some LED lamps and control boxes.The maintenance-free lead-acid battery and the special charge controller which is successfully developed by using the patented technology of slow pulse and rapid charge and discharge are placed in the control box .The valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery is selected for the system, which is conducive to reducing the maintenance cost. In addition, the solar lantern is equipped with a remote control and can be switched on and off by the user at will. It can be recharged with three ways, thus it is high cost effective. What’s more, it has the advantages of high quality, sophisticated design, simple installation, long using life, environmental protection and low failure rate. The solar lantern is suitable for home, school, shops, factories, etc. 

2. Product Parameter 

Model Number:



12 SMT


9h at 100 lumens


Li- ion ( 2400mAh )


DC 5V500mA




82 x 82 x 173mm

3. Product Feature 

1. Equipped with remote control

2. Light dimming control

3. Automatically “ ON ” when power fails

4. Base type: B22 / E27

5. USB power bank (OUTPUT 5V max. 500mA)

6. Direct use on AC(100- 240V 50/60Hz)

7. 3 ways rechargeable: 6V 1.8W solar panel (included), AC/DCcharger (optional) , USB power (micro USB cable included)

4. Product Details 

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