- May 07, 2020-

With the ongoing development of city, where the raise of awareness of light on demand concept for electricity energy saving and the introduction of smart technology, many people have perceived a diverse range of potential applications for solar powered street/garden lights such as yard, sidewalks, bicycle lanes and so on. Compared to the high energy costs from traditional street/garden lights, switching to light sensitive solar LED street/garden lights can provide brightness in same duration time but a small portion of the energy costs at city level.

As a member of new energy pioneer lighting company, Kingslite has independently researches and develops many different kinds of energy saving solar LED street lights to fill in any various demands for their customers. It gives customers an option to equip remote control systems on most of street light models or flood light models that can adjust the brightness in any percentage and time. Some of garden lights, such as KB3623, has additional motion sensors to dim light brightness when no one walks by at night. For these reasons, the decrease installation & maintenance costs and electricity consumption advantages have provided to areas where lack of human resources and electric grid networks respectively.

To continue making contribution to build a simple but intelligent world, Kingslite Lighting Team will keep renovating their new energy lights that suits for many of your markets. Please browse www.kingslite.com for a vast selection of path lighting options from the top manufacturer’s in the lighting industry and contact us for any further information. 

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