How to develop solar street lamps today

- Aug 04, 2017-

1: In many practical applications, solar street lamps in the center of the Solar street can not meet the needs of normal lighting, especially in rainy days more prominent, in addition to the use of poor quality related components, another major reason is the blind reduction of capital components, not configured according to the requirements of the design, reduce the use of the board and battery specifications, so occur in the rain street lighting can not be provided.

2: The use of battery life should also be considered in the street lamp system application, ordinary battery warranty three years or five years, but the ordinary battery in one years, or even half a year later will show the charge status of dissatisfaction, some exercise to reduce the charge rate to 50%, may affect the normal continuous rain night lighting, so choose a good battery is particularly important.

3: The waterproof controller, the controller installs in the ordinary lampshade, the battery box, the average is not the water, but in the actual project case the Controller terminal connection line is usually because of the rain to connect the line to the controller, forms the short circuit. When the construction should pay attention to the internal connecting wire bent into "u" type and fixed type, external connection line can also be fixed as "U" type, so the rain can not be poured into the form of Controller circuit, it can also apply waterproof gum, peripheral joints.

4: Current restrictions on the application of solar energy is one of the most important parts of the price, light double solar streetlights, for example, two-way load sharing is 60 watts, the panel will need about $number W, 30 yuan per watt calculation, the cost of the board will reach 4800 yuan, plus 180 battery cost in 1800 or so, the entire street lamp investment capital and far higher than the power supply street lamp, the formation of the main bottleneck solar street lamp application.

5: The selection of the controller is often overlooked a problem, by the engineering contractor's quality control layer is not neat, the $literal controller in 100-200 yuan, the market price is the entire street lamp system local minimum value, but it is a very important link. The controller is good or bad will directly affect the solar Streetlight system component life and the entire system of procurement funds.

6: In the middle of the city is very far apart should also pay attention to the safety of work, many engineering contractors due to construction neglect, can not prevent effective anti-theft, from batteries, panels and other components are stolen, not only affect the normal lighting, has not formed the loss of wealth.

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