Energy-saving makes solar streetlights greener

- Aug 04, 2017-

Solar street lights emit light, solar streetlights distance, like a deck of yellow flowers, the green village is decorated more beautifully. In urban roads, many light solar street lights of the city night travel brings convenience and security.

Solar street lamp is by solar Sun solar Panel battery, battery power load application, night no messy and priceless pipeline laying, can adjust the planning of lamps and lanterns, safe and energy-free, unmanned operation safe and reliable operation, save power, no protection.

The working principle of solar Street lamp system: The days of solar panels made from the principle of optical V effect, receiving and solar radiant energy into the power output, stored in the battery, charge and discharge controller at night when from 10 Lux illuminance gradually reduces the mercy, the solar panel is at the mercy of the open-circuit voltage of 4.5 V, the charge and discharge controller detects the operating voltage value, and the battery discharge lamp holder.

Solar Street lighting system components: lamp rods (including bracket), LED lights, solar lighting controllers, solar panels, battery insulation (including battery boxes).

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