Discussion on installation method of solar street lamp

- Aug 04, 2017-

Solar Street lamp has entered millions of households, Yunnan Solar street lamp can be so many people suffering, because it has the traditional street lamp incomparable advantage.

The power of real green non-polluting Solar street lamps, including solar cells, batteries, controllers, solar photovoltaic solar power, thermal power, nuclear clean has unparalleled advantages, security, universality.

Solar street lamps have the following advantages:

Reduce noise pollution: solar street lights moving parts less, no noise.

Modular equipment components: sensitive equipment, convenient for users to choose according to their needs and adjust the capacity of solar street intrusion.

Safe use: Solar street lamps in harsh environmental and climatic conditions, solar power generation systems are rare, and now most of the solar module production processes are sufficient to ensure that no more than 10 years of performance degradation, solar cell components generate power for 25 years or longer.

Safety: Do not use flammable fuel, solar street lamps through the proper planning and equipment, the system has a high security.

Independent power supply: off-grid solar Street lamp has independent operation ability and sensitivity.

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