Development trend of Solar street lamps in China

- Aug 04, 2017-

With the improvement of people's living standard, the increase of environmental protection knowledge continues to be carried out and human health, expanding human, non-polluting, environmental protection and energy-saving lamps. China's current global solar street lighting and led industry in the current situation

The trend of LED lighting is a new generation of lighting products. On the one hand, long life, high light efficiency, low energy consumption characteristics, so that LED lighting has unparalleled advantages of traditional lighting lamps; LED industry, on the other hand, energy conservation and environmental protection, now the state advocates the construction of "Green, Low-carbon life" policy.

As a new industry, has formed a complete industrial chain global plan.

Motives, global problems, have been given enough attention by people to the continued growth of LED lighting market plans

2011, continue to seriously deal with the power issue, LED lighting market agile muster. 2011, according to electronic research, the latest data show that high-brightness led, the market plan from 2010 to $8.25 billion to 12.6 billion U.S. dollars, annual growth of up to 53%.

By the policy of major countries in the world, the power of leadership has increased significantly, the whole plan of complex lighting fixtures, and LED lighting prices are expected to 20% ~ 30% a year to reduce space elements such as the impact of LED lighting is expected to continue to increase the penetration rate. Residential use of alternative low power LED light source, high power of a complete commercial and industrial LED lighting equipment, the use of various LED lighting needs is to rise rapidly. 

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