Bright your way, bright your life--KB2146

- Apr 15, 2020-

It has become a part of our life, a necessity, which can light up our life and bring us out of the darkness.


It gives us light when we go out at night. It is convenient for us to repair our car when the vehicle breaks down at night. When we go camping, it can bring us light and joy. When we exercise at night,it gives us directions and take us running forward.


We can’t live without it,we need it.


Let’s learn more about it:

---Dual purpose with outerdoor searchlight + indoor Emergency Light.

---Unique design:swivel stand+handle 90° rotation

---High quality PP plastic material + single 10W/20W CREE LED

---Lead-acid and li-ion battery optional

---Wetherproof constrcution

KB2146-2 750X834

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