Portable Mini Germicidal Lamp Germic Light

Portable Mini Germicidal Lamp Germic Light

This lamp may help to reduce your allergic source, sterilize and improvement surrounding air quality, maintenance ion environment balance and so on.

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Product Details

1. Product Introduction

Find great deals on kingslite.com for high quality portable mini germicidal lamp germic light. All Battery Operated Light products are made in China and with low price.

2. Product Features

4W UVC lamp shortwave out 254mn, with relatively strong sterilization power, with a sterilization rate as high as 99.9%. 

At present, no UV-resistant bacteria have been found on earth. Each product has a built-in Philips tube,which generates ultra-high-energy deep ultraviolet rays, penetrates the cell membrane and nucleus of living organisms, directly destroys the molecular structure of microbial cell DNA, kills bacteria, and achieves efficient disinfection.

3. Product Details 

* 4W UVC germicial lamp

* Shortwave output 254nm

* Included handy nylon carrying cord

* DC Operated by 4AA batteries(not included)

* Suitable for home, office &travel to carry and use

* UVC light can remove bacteria on the surface of objects

* Weight:79.5g

* Size: 167x34x41mm


4. Company

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5. Delivery


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